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Colin Garcia

The Video CV Man: how I got hired

by Colin Garcia

Stop failing, and read my success story.

My name is Colin Berberabe Garcia, and I am the newest member of Bdaily’s team of visionaries and innovators. I got here because I was found by my bosses, Sarah Callender and Martin Stanley, through my Video CV on YouTube, but more on that later.

For now, let’s go back to six months ago. I was one of millions of new university graduates who had high hopes and dreams of finding the right career start. To achieve this, I spent a long time employing a common strategy, which I’d like to call “Spray and Pray”, which relies on the so-called “Law of Averages”, where as a jobseeker, I sent out copies of my (tailor-made) CV to virtually every relevant job post I saw online.

Within two months, I have sent up to five hundred online applications. I was so proud of myself for doing it, for I thought I was working really hard. Unfortunately, there were very few responses to my applications. It led me to thoughts of self-doubt and negativity, and I was starting to use external factors such as the economy as excuses as to why I’m not getting anything. “I’m a hardworking kid, and I’m not the problem”, I thought.

Then, I realised that hard work without the right strategy is futile, and with my Spray and Pray attitude, I was letting pure luck shape my destiny.

I thought it was about time to create my own luck, so I decided to change my approach.

Here comes SuperColin, the Video CV Man

I wanted to portray myself as someone who can help the right company achieve success, however I didn’t know where to begin, so I started by finding the right people and asking them.

I first asked my friend, Josien, and she said that online job applications made me look like a mere number, but if I went to business conferences and networking events, I then would have a chance to present myself as an individual who they’ll want to hire.

I did just that, bringing with me printed personal business cards with a QR code that would lead to a personal website. That way, I thought, I’d be able to lead people to discovering more about me.

I went to networking events across the country, and along the way I have met great people, including my favourite author, the nation’s best Project Manager, and CEOs and top managers of big companies. I asked everyone for advice, and perhaps an opportunity. Soon enough, things were starting to turn around well for me. Thankfully, they were all happy to teach me a thing or two.

I then reached out to Alfred Ajani, the “CV Man”, who once stood outside a train station in London with a “Hire Me” sign. I showed him my website and my articles, and he said that while they were great, my potential hirers might not devote time to read it. However, they will find time to watch and listen to something, so he advised me to make a Video CV.

And I made the “#supercolin Video CV”. I made the most out of my available resources. I shot the video with my iPhone, taped it on a stick that served as a tripod, wrote the script, and edited the video using my knowledge of After Effects. It took me ten days to create it. It was the most creative project I’ve done. It involved flying and “playing the saxophone”, so I suggest you watch it here.

The SuperColin Promo Tour

Along the way, I thought, “What makes people watch movies?”. I then realised that great content comes with great promotion, so I did a variation of Alfred’s strategy. I walked around various cities in the UK with a sign taped on my bag, which says “Watch on YouTube Colin’s Video CV”.

Within days, the views for my video increased. People started posting images of me on social media through the #supercolin hashtag, and companies started calling for interviews. Within a week, I had numerous different enquiries from businesspeople, coming from different sectors and different regions. Suddenly, I was in control of my destiny.

I decided to accept a Marketing exchange internship with Bdaily. It started when I met Sarah in a networking event in Manchester, and afterwards, she and Martin looked at my Video CV and website. I can say they were impressed, and I also like the direction the company was taking.

I feel that working with them will allow me to learn more about different sectors of business. Also, I would be able to hone my marketing knowledge, as the Bdaily team is made up of dynamic and forward thinking people who seek to revolutionise the digital media and marketing model.

I have been with Bdaily for a few weeks now, and I believe that we are bound to achieve great things as a digital regional business news platform.

Closing thoughts

As I end my story, I would like to present a challenge to you, my readers. I want to ask you:

  • Do you have the right strategy to achieve your goals?
  • Are you a “Spray and Pray” marketer?
  • What do you fear more: failing, or living a life thinking that you should have taken action?

I have found my answers to these questions, I have taken action, and now I am ready for this new journey with the Bdaily team.

I’ve learned many lessons along the way, and to conclude, I would like to share my favourite one:

In this world, it is the bold, brave, and unique who succeeds. Winners and non-winners are separated not by the ideas they make, but by the action and risks they take.

All the best!