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How Email Marketing Can Build Small Enterprise Branding
Image Source: Joe The Goat Farmer

Creating a successful email marketing campaign

by Samantha Sadler

Email marketing campaigns are great for capturing your audience’s attention and, whether you want them to register for an event, sign up to your website or purchase your product, they can be a brilliant way to make them take action too.

In December last year, we blogged that email marketing was back and stressed the importance of ensuring your e-shot was suitable for mobile and tablet users as well as desktop, and highlighted the advantages of using email marketing to communicate to an engaged audience. But what makes an email marketing campaign successful? How do you get your audience to open that email and increase your click-through rates? The answer is simple: get your content right and everything else will follow.

Subject Line

‘Your subject line is your first (and maybe your last) impression on users.’ There’s nothing worse than a spam email, so make sure your subject stands out as something that your audience would want to open.

A good question to ask yourself when crafting a eye-catching subject line is: “Would I open this myself?” For your email to stand out from the crowd, your subject line should be engaging, interesting and straight to the point.


Make sure your company branding/logo is recognisable straight away. An audience will trust an email from a company that they know, so stick to your usual colour scheme and general tone for familiarity.


Everyone uses a mobile phone these days, especially on the commute to and from work, so keep this in mind when writing up the copy for your e-shot. Bullet points are great to condense down information and it is imperative that scrolling is kept to a minimum.


Don’t bombard the reader with too many links to lots of different pages. We recommend 2-3 maximum so the attention is drawn to the main focus and aim of the e-shot.

Strong Call to Action

Think about why you are sending out this e-shot– what do you want to achieve? If it’s to increase registrations and drive footfall to an event, then include the link to the sign-up page.

If it’s for more details on a specific product you are offering, link the reader straight to this page when they click. For maximum results, ensure your reader has a straightforward process when they click that button and don’t forget to use phrases such as ‘Talk to Us’ for a friendly approach.

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