Chris Burke, CEO, Brickendon

How can businesses nurture employee mental wellbeing

- Christopher Burke, CEO, Brickendon

Mental wellbeing has dominated the news agenda for the past year, with numerous campaigns led by high profile individuals, organisations and the government to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and tackle stigma.

Whilst there are many causes of mental health issues, the workplace and every day stress factors associated with office settings can often slip under the radar. Recently, we commissioned research which showed the true impact this can have. It found that 8 out of 10 UK office workers reported that seating arrangements affect their mental wellbeing*.

Without a doubt, the UK workforce has gone through profound changes, with the incredible growth of the freelance economy, hotdesking and flexi working. It has however become clear that businesses have not updated their operations to cater to these changes and this is affecting employees’ mental wellbeing.

There are growing issues in the way businesses are currently managing and looking after their workforce causing an alarming need for businesses to rectify this situation and enhance employee wellbeing. Thanks to technological developments, tools are now available which help businesses make that transition. We’ve recently launched HotDeskPlus, a flexible working system designed not only to optimise your workspace, but also to improve employee wellbeing. I urge other business leaders to follow suit and embrace tech solutions that not only pave the way for greater efficiencies but also nurture employee mental wellbeing.

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